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Oviel Falcon, Business Owner
In working with previous bank-owned advisors, we felt they were just doing their jobs. With FLF, both Marlene and Thuy go the 'extra mile', and have the knowledge and expertise to recommend what is best for our long term goals. They have true care for us and we feel like we are part of their family.
Keith Roy, Business Owner
My wife and I have had the opportunity to use the financial advice of Marlene Falcon for many years. Due to her success, we continue to use her service through Falcon Lam Financial. We didn't hesitate when we had the opportunity to work with the team and would recommend them to anyone.
Farid Ameryoun, Business Owner
I interact with many salespeople, so my initial hesitation in working with any financial advisor was my fear of getting a 'sales pitch'. However, with Marlene and Thuy I feel very comfortable.. They are very idea-driven and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend their services without hesitation. Both Marlene and Thuy look after their clients with an extra level of care, understanding, and they deliver exceptional service to help you achieve your goals.
Vito Cipponeri, Business Owner
I had been working with Marlene and Twee for nearly a decade, and have continued to use their services when they opened their own company. They provide terrific advice with a high level of integrity, and are always friendly and punctual. Marlene and Twee are fabulous individuals to have on any team. They have been a great asset to my company and to me personally.
Dan & Deborah Lourenco, Business Owners
When we first met with Thuy and Marlene, their visions were clear and concise. Not only were they speaking as business owners, but as equally concerned individuals. It was apparent to us that they were as genuinely interested in the growth of our wealth as we were. We were 4 friends sitting at a table discussing life and its financial implications. Deb and I are very pleased with the level of service we have been receiving and will continue to consult with Falcon Lam Financial for our personal and business matters.
Christine’s Tax & Business Services
Christine’s Tax & Business Services
Christine McAlister, CPA, CGA
Prior to working with Falcon Lam Financial, I wasn't sure if we were prepared for our retirement. Twee and Marlene took the time to understand my wants and needs, and expanded from there. They were able to provide me with a snapshot of our current assets and have worked closely with me to implement strategies to ensure we are on track to our retirement goal.
Helena Melo, Account Manager at Ecoideas
I don't hesitate to tell my family and friends, both close and new, that I highly recommend Falcon Lam Financial. Not only do you get concrete and intelligent advice & solutions to meet your financial needs - you will have a holistic/spiritual experience with these beautiful, intelligent and knowledgeable women! Working with Falcon Lam Financial has changed my life forever. For this, I am so grateful. I know that my journey with them has just begun, and can't wait to see what else I can muster up! A heartfelt thank you to you both.
Linda Le Breton, Business Owner
When first meeting with FLF, I was in fear about my financial future…not knowing my long term goals, and not understanding my finances. Both Marlene and Twee made it comfortable for me to share my deepest fears. They are very detail-oriented and took the time to explain in terms that I understood. I feel better knowing how I can achieve my future goals.
Kevin Trainor, Business Owner
My initial fear in working with financial advisors is that all they worry about is commissions and no care for the client. However, both Marlene and Thuy are very passionate about their business and truly care about their clients. They provided me with a comfort level to move forward. They have a clear understanding of the business, very knowledgeable and reliable. Both are always available, "not hiding". I have already referred clients and will continue to recommend FLF.
Chico & Bonita Pinto
Both Marlene and Twee are easy to talk to. They are always interested in your life and family. As a team they are honest, efficient and understanding. We are currently working with them to help build our investments and to plan for a comfortable retirement.
Charro Navarrete, Business Owner
I have had previous experience working with other financial advisors, but was surprised when working with Falcon Lam Financial is that they LISTEN! They understand my financial needs and always take the time to explain in detail so that I understood. They are knowledgeable, clear communicators, and very connected.
Independent Consultant, Arbonne
I have never felt so excited & hopeful about our situation. This is the FIRST time that we 1) have no credit card debts and 2) have SAVINGS! I feel like a world of weight has been lifted off our shoulders. There was never a sense of judgement, only a sense of passion to make you aware and to have control over your finances. FLF has set the foundation for us to create true abundance and they are true financial coaches. I love that they are doing online meetings. It's brilliant customer service!

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